Rio Vista Elementary School Gears Up to "Fuel for Success"

Anti-bullying program sponsored by Avondale Police Department, NASCAR and Shell Oil

February 27, 2015 - On March 13, 2015 Rio Vista Elementary School will be teaming up with the Avondale Police Department, Shell Oil and NASCAR for a Superhero Anti-Bullying Event called "Fuel for Success." Student in grades 3-6 will attend an anti-bullying assembly after ALL Rio Vista students are welcomed by staff in an Anti-Bullying Tunnel of Hope.

Students have joined together in an art contest to demonstrate the power they have to stop bullying. Students’ self-esteem and self-confidence is raised by the influence and interaction with the Officers, Education Leaders and Chaperones. Healthy lifestyles and encouragement are promoted by the race drivers and all the Police Officers.  Students see by example with the NASCAR drivers that hard work, following your dreams, and a drug free life style can be very rewarding.  Students are shown through care and hope they can stay focused in school, despite any obstacles and challenges they may face in the future.

Rio Vista Principal Siobhan McCarthy is, “So excited to be able to offer this unique program at our school. Students look up to police officers and race car drivers and can see the impact they have on working as a team and supporting positive choices. We have a focus on a safe and secure campus where everyone is treated with respect. This will confirm the message we are sending out and get students involved in an exciting program that will continue long after the day is over.”

Board President Susan Serin believes, “Not only are strong academics present in all of our schools, but also programs such as this that stress the social skills of anti-bullying. Children need to feel protected on our campuses in order for maximum learning to occur.”

“Partnerships such as this are of primary importance to our schools and district,” says Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux, Pendergast superintendent. Students get the opportunity to interact with members of our Avondale police force and sports figures, both of whom they look up to and respect.”