Pendergast District Office

Pendergast Elementary School District #92
3802 North 91st Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2200
Fax: (623) 877-8188

In 1885, the Pendergast School District was established in a farming community serving 100 students in one school. The educational philosophy was firmly rooted in the belief that the community, staff and parents must act as a "family," providing the academic, social and emotional support necessary to nurture capable, independent young minds.

Today, the Pendergast School District covers 20 square miles and serves the communities of Phoenix, Glendale and Avondale. The District boundaries are from Glendale Avenue to the North and I-10 to the South, 83rd Avenue to the East and Agua Fria River to the West. The District provides excellent educational opportunities for approximately 9,000 preschool through eighth grade students on 12 campuses.

Dr. Jennifer Cruz, Superintendent
Email: jcruz@pesd92.org

Kerry Pohlmeyer, Executive Administrator to the Superintendent & Governing Board
Phone: (623) 772-2206
Email: kpohlmeyer@pesd92.org

Dr. Shelmon Brown, Chief Academic Officer
Email: sbrown@pesd92.org

Joanne Fimbres, Chief Financial Officer
Email: jfimbres@pesd92.org

Patti Tussey, Chief Human Resources Officer
Email: ptussey@pesd92.org

Ramiro Alvarez, Communications & Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (623) 772-2292
Email: ralvarez@pesd92.org

Raymond Pohlmeyer, Director of Interactive Design & Digital Learning
Email: rpohlmeyer@pesd92.org

Governing Board

Jete White, President
Email: jwhite@pesd92.org

Senator Martin Quezada, Vice-President
Email: mquezada@pesd92.org

Susan Serin, Member
Email: sserin@pesd92.org

Hilda Ortega-Rosales, Member
Email: hortega-rosales@pesd92.org

Jose Arenas, Member
Email: jarenas@pesd92.org

Our Vision, Our Belief and Our Mission 

Our Vision: Empowering Excellence and Success

Our Beliefs: Pendergast sets high expectations! We provide diverse educational experiences for all students to have the knowledge, skills and opportunities that prepare them for the future.

Our Mission: The Pendergast Elementary School District provides a quality education for all students so they can compete globally in their future endeavors and aspirations.

Our Motto: We "BEE"-lieve in You!

Safety & Security at Pendergast

Each school in Pendergast has an Emergency Operations Plan, which has been created in collaboration with local law enforcement, communicated with all staff members, and is practiced regularly to ensure that everyone knows their role should a crisis occur. Classrooms have an emergency flip chart that allows teachers to obtain quick and easily accessible step by step instructions in an emergency.


  • Start of every school year Pendergast Elementary School District reviews and update their safety plans.
  • Each school has a safety committee made up of five to 15 members that meet to discuss facility safety, and emergency response procedures, etc.
  • School buildings have emergency first aid kits, lockdown kits and various communication tools.
  • Every school practices at least one monthly fire drill, in addition to lockdown and shelter in place drills, with various lockdown scenarios.
  • Role play/tabletop exercises are shared with Administrators and practiced with staff during professional development.
  • The local fire and police departments inspect all campuses and join in on emergency drills to become familiar with floor plans.
  • Protocol is established for Pendergast employees to have ID badges. Visitors are required to obtain a visitor ID badge when coming on campus. Employees will stop and ask anyone without a badge to report to the office.

Pendergast Elementary School District and its twelve campuses are committed to creating safe and secure environments for learning. To this end, each school within the District, as well as the District Office, has crisis management guidelines and a comprehensive plan designed to inform staff and students of what to do in the event of an emergency. The plans are based on the State of Arizona's Emergency Response Plan. The District's Crisis Manual contains vital information necessary to assist in any emergency situation. In addition to the manual, each school and the District Office have Crisis Response Teams that are mobilized in the event of an emergency to assist in providing information to the students, staff, families and community. Fire and lockdown drills are practiced regularly at each site to ensure that routines and safety procedures are well established and familiar to all. Parents / guardians can expect effective and efficient information communicated in a timely manner regarding school-related situations that may occur on campus.

In the event of a school or District emergency, parents will be notified in the following ways:

  • With a message sent home in the school newsletter
  • With a special parent advisory sent home from the school; and/or
  • With a call, email text and website posting from our Emergency Messaging System

District Map

Our Schools

8455 W. Virginia
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2900
Fax: (623) 594-2786
School Website >>

Principal: Marisa Barrio
Email: mbarrio@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Brandon Valdez
Email: bvaldez@pesd92.org

11675 W. Encanto Blvd
Avondale, AZ 85392
Phone: (623) 772-2610
Fax: (623) 478-9912
School Website >>

Principal: Lori Pizzo
Email: lpizzo@pesd92.org

Acting Assistant Principal: Mary Lizarraga
Email: mlizarraga@pesd92.org

10730 W. Campbell Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2580
Fax: (623) 872-7769
School Website >>

Principal: Janine Ambrose
Email: jambrose@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Sheila Eccles
Email: seccles@pesd92.org

8525 W. Osborn
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2430
Fax: (623) 873-4691
School Website >>

Principal: Shari Guerra
Email: sguerra@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Norma Chavez
Email: nchavez@pesd92.org

8605 W. Maryland Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305
Phone: (623) 772-2550
Fax: (623) 872-8401
School Website >>

Principal: Matt Williams
Email: mwilliams@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Jon Mitteness
Email: jmitteness@pesd92.org

10825 W. Garden Lakes Pkwy.
Avondale, AZ 85392
Phone: (623) 772-2520
Fax: (623) 877-9545
School Website >>

Principal: Jill Helland
Email: jhelland@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: AJ Estrada
Email: aestrada@pesd92.org

3800 N. 91st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2400
Fax: (623) 877-9591
School Website >>

Principal: Mike Woolsey
Email: mwoolsey@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Jeffrey Hancock
Email: jhancock@pesd92.org

10237 W. Encanto Blvd
Avondale, AZ 85392
Phone: (623) 772-2670
Fax: (623) 478-1972
School Website >>

Principal: Siobhan McCarthy
Email: smccarthy@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Marlene Bennison
Email: mbennison@pesd92.org

10150 W. Missouri Ave
Glendale, AZ 85307
Phone: (623) 772-2640
Fax: (623) 772-1005l
School Website >>

Principal: Darla Baquedano
Email: dbaquedano@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Beatrice De La Garza
Email: bdelagarza@pesd92.org 

8490 W. Missouri Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305
Phone: (623) 772-2730
Fax: (623) 877-4935
School Website >>

Principal: Brian Winefsky
Email: bwinefsky@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Margie Suero
Email: msuero@pesd92.org

4940 N. 103rd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2490
Fax: (623) 877-8977
School Website >>

Principal: Abraham Gonzalez
Email: agonzalez@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Renee Gayden
Email: rgayden@pesd92.org

9040 B W. Campbell
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2700
Fax: (623) 772-8464
School Website >>

Principal: Rod Henkel
Email: rhenkel@pesd92.org

Assistant Principal: Crista McGee
Email: cmcgee@pesd92.org

Our Facilities

Charlies' Cafe
3841 N. 91st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2270
Fax: (623) 772-8072
Catering: (623) 772-2282

Pendergast Community Center
10550 W. Mariposa Street
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2319

Pendergast Learning Center
3841 N. 91st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85037
Phone: (623) 772-2203