Pendergast Community Center

Pendergast Community CenterThe Pendergast Community Center is located at 10550 W. Mariposa St. Phoenix, AZ 85037 (623) 772-2319 and provides a variety of services including:

- The Pendergast / First Things First Family Resource Center
P.R.I.D.E. Club Before and Afterschool Care
McKinney Vento Homeless Services

Pendergast Community Center serves to provide education, family and social support by extending the school experience with quality programs and resources to meet the diverse needs of the Pendergast District community. Our community consists of children, families, employees, businesses and service organizations.

Pendergast Learning Center

Pendergast Learning CenterThe Pendergast Learning Center is located at 3841 N. 91st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85037 (623) 772-2203 and is home to a number of education supporting departments for the District including:

- Educational Services
- Central Registration
- Early Childhood
- Exceptional Student Services
- School Improvement & Program Development
- Student Support Services
- Technology

The center features a complex of spaces available for teacher training, workshops and professional development; meetings by District and community members; and a West Valley site for state-sponsored education forums and meetings. The PLC is also home to Charlies' Cafe & Catering.

The Pendergast Learning Center is located at 3841 N. 91st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85037
(623) 772-2203

For details on reserving a space for meetings or special events, visit the Pendergast Learning Center Site »


Safety & Security at Pendergast

Pendergast Elementary School District and its twelve campuses are committed to creating safe and secure environments for learning. To this end, each school within the District, as well as the District Office, has crisis management guidelines and a comprehensive plan designed to inform staff and students of what to do in the event of an emergency. The plans are based on the State of Arizona's Emergency Response Plan. The District's Crisis Manual contains vital information necessary to assist in any emergency situation. In addition to the manual, each school and the District Office have Crisis Response Teams that are mobilized in the event of an emergency to assist in providing information to the students, staff, families and community. Fire and lockdown drills are practiced regularly at each site to ensure that routines and safety procedures are well established and familiar to all. Parents / guardians can expect effective and efficient information communicated in a timely manner regarding school-related situations that may occur on campus.

In the event of a school or District emergency, parents will be notified in the following ways:

  • With a message sent home in the school newsletter
  • With a special parent advisory sent home from the school; and/or
  • With a call, email text and website posting from our Emergency Messaging System

Pendergast LogoCommunity Use of Facilities

The Pendergast Elementary School District facilities are a part of the school community. The facilities are available for use by the community whenever such use does not conflict with regular school use and activities.  Pendergast Bee-lieves to ensure that we establish a fair and equitable fee schedule and that members of our community have appropriate access and opportunity to utilize the facilities of the district.

- Pendergast Community Center Use of Facility
- Pendergast Learning Center Use of Facility

Facility use is handled by each school site or school building. The only exception is field use, which is handled by our Maintenance Department. If you are interested in renting school fields, please call (623) 772-2255

- Community Use of School Facilities

Please review the Facility Use Agreement, Policies and Fee schedules. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at (623) 772-2215.

- Facility Use Occupant's Manual

Pendergast LogoBus Stop & School Boundary Information

Use the Pendergast Transportion's School Information Locator to look up bus stop and school boundary information.

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Pendergast LogoMcKinney-Vento Homeless Services

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act is a federal law that ensures immediate enrollment and educational stability for homeless children and youth. Pendergast offers information and staff who are a liaison for students in homeless situations.

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About Pendergast

The Pendergast Elementary School District covers 20 square miles and serves the following communities:

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Media Releases

News stories from around the district showcasing all of the amazing things that are happening around the district. Check back often...there is always something buzzing!

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