Two students coloring.

Dr. Shelmon Brown, Chief Academic Officer

Laura Valle, Executive Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer
Phone: (623) 772-2291

Students in a circle and smiling.

Amy Christopher, Director of School Improvement and Program Development
Phone: (623) 772-2294

Gwendolyn Parker, Director of Special Education
Phone: (623) 772-2332


Dr. Gwyneth Marr, Director of Curriculum and Innovation
Phone: (623) 772-2296

Andrew Wallen, Director of Assessment and Program Development
Phone: (623) 772-2295

Dr. Abigail Flister, Professional Development Coordinator
(623) 772-2298

Distance Learning GuidePESD Distance Learning Guide

The Distance Learning Guide was created by educators in our district in order to help all of our students succeed and do their very best. It includes sections that will provide a step-by-step guide to online learning and everything that you will need to know.

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Standard Based ReadingWhat You Need to Know About SBG

Standard-Based Grading is a way for the school or teacher to tell you how your child is progressing toward mastery of a new skill or knowledge. Check out this handy infographic for a better understanding about what SBG is and how it benefits your child.

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CAPIT Parent Night ZOOMCAPIT Parent Night Zoom

CAPIT is a phonics curriculum on a digital platform used by our K-2 students, so it's accessible anywhere and accommodates distance learning. CAPIT enables teachers to instruct the entire class while individualizing the learning for each student.

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