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Applications Procedures  

Thank you for considering employment opportunities within the Pendergast Elementary School District. To begin the application process, please read the information on this page detailing the documentation needed to apply, then click on Online Application.

Only fully completed applications will be processed. A complete application requires that *supplemental documents are included. You may electronically attach the document files to your application. If you are unable to scan and upload your documents, the Pendergast Human Resources Department will scan and upload these documents for you (All submitted documents become the property of the Pendergast Elementary School District and can not be returned).

* Required supplemental documents are listed below. All documents must be in electronic format (PDF, RTF, Text or HTML) and attached to your online application.

Failure to provide current, accurate information may result in a delay or inability to hire. Applications are maintained for one year, but are only active for four months. To keep your application current and active you will need to resubmit every four months.


To be considered as an applicant, you must complete one / or more of the following applications: Your application will remain active and viewable by hiring administrator for four months from date of submittal. To keep your application current and active you will need to resubmit every four months.

* Certified (teaching) / Administrative positions - submit the Certified / Administrative Application - Pendergast is required to hire teachers who meet the criteria of  Highly Qualified under NCLB.   Applying for positions for which you do not meet the criteria of Highly Qualified may inactivate your application.  If you have questions regarding your Highly Qualified status, please call 623-772-2235. 

  • Certified includes: Counselor, Media Specialist, Occupational Therapist,           Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Teacher, Teacher Specialist
  • Administrative includes: Directors, Principal, Assistant Principal, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Administrators

Support (non-teaching) positions - submit the Support Application

Guest Teaching (substitute) positions - submit the Guest Teacher application

Please Note: Pendergast Elementary School District must obtain references from the applicant's current employer and two recent previous employers, unless the applicant has had only one employer for the previous five years. A minimum of two reference checks are required. Failure to provide current, accurate information will result in an inability to hire.


Certified / Administrative Applicants
- may be contacted by Human Resources to schedule a screening interview, and hiring administrators will be able to view your application.

Support Applicants - hiring administrators will be able to view your application and will interview the most qualified applicants.

Guest Teacher Applicants - will be contacted by the Guest Teacher Coordinator.


If you are recommended for hire by a school or department administrator, the Human Resources Department will contact you to officially offer employment.

NOTE: Only the Human Resource Department is authorized to make offers of employment.


Once you have accepted employment, you must attend a new hire orientation. The orientation will include the necessary documents needed for employment. A Human Resource Specialist will contact you to set up your orientation meeting.

Background Check: A background check is conducted on all new employees. Information received from the background check must agree with what is listed on your application.  Information that does agree would constitute falsifying the application, which could result in termination.

Fingerprint Check: In addition to the background check, a fingerprint check is conducted on all support employees. There will be a $24.00 charge to the employee. This charge may be deducted from your first or first two pay checks.


The following documents (if applicable) must be attached to your application. Please click here for directions on scanning and / or attaching documents.

Certified and / or Guest Teacher applicants (teacher, media specialist, speech therapist, school counselor, school psychologist, substitute, etc.) will be required to attach:

  • a valid Arizona teaching and / or administrative certificate*
  • a valid Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • three current letters of recommendation or university placement file (Only letters that are signed, dated and legible will be accepted).
  • copies of Transcripts (official transcripts are required upon employment)
  • resume / cover letter

* If you have a valid out-of-state teaching or administrative certificate, please attach it and contact the Arizona Department of Education for instructions on obtaining an Arizona certification.

Arizona State Department of Education, Teacher Certification Unit
P.O. Box 6490
Phoenix, AZ 85005-6490
Phone: (602) 542-4367 or visit the web site @

Support (non-teaching) applicants - for most support positions the following items are not required; however, they may be scanned and submitted:

  • a valid Fingerprint Clearance Card (if applicable)
  • current letters of recommendation or university placement file (Only letters that are signed, dated and legible will be accepted).
  • copies of Transcripts (if applicable)
  • resume / cover letter

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