October Message from Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux

Dear Parents, Community Members and Colleagues,

This letter is dedicated to our upcoming election and its importance. As a district we do not take a stand on issues or candidates but we feel it us critical to inform our stakeholders on the importance of voting and where to go for information. Registering to vote takes only a few minutes and can be done here. The General Election is on November 3, 2020. Registered voters can vote-by-mail or in person. The voter registration deadline is October 5. Early ballots mail on October 7. In-person voting will be available October 7-November 3. All voting locations will follow strict physical distancing and cleaning guidelines. According to AACTnow.org, here are the top ten reasons to vote:

1. Vote! It's Your Right.

People have died defending this right. Don’t take it for granted! Voting is more than just electing a candidate, it’s choosing the right policies and people who have your best interests in mind when making decisions that will affect our community, state and nation.

2. Vote to Allocate Federal Money To this Region.

This money can be used for education, youth programs, healthcare, veterans, creating jobs, the environment, etc.

3. If You Do Not Vote, Someone Else Will.

Voting only takes a couple of minutes but the ripple effect caused by your vote will last beyond a candidate’s term. Voting gives you the power to choose how your city, state, and country will be run.

4. Decide How Your Taxes Will Be Spent.

Elected officials such as county/city commissioners, the governor, state officials, legislators, President, and members of Congress will decide how to pay for public services with the money collected from our taxes and how to share the tax burden. Take an active role and find out if your candidate shares your views and will spend your money wisely.

5. Voting Affects Your Job.

When you vote for a member of Congress, the President, the governor and your legislators they make decisions that affect minimum wage, fairness in hiring, pay equity, job security, workplace safety, and health insurance provided by your employer.

6. Vote to Improve Your Child's Education

Local and state school board members who you elect will make decisions on policies and budgets that will affect how well prepared your children will be for their future.

7. Healthcare is Affected by Your Vote.

Your vote grants the governor, legislators, and Congress the right to take action and pass or reject laws that will determine your access to health care. Vote and elect people who have your best interest in mind.

8. Social Security is Affected by Your Vote

Whomever you elect for president and Congress will decide how much payroll tax you pay and what Medicare services you receive and share payment for. They also make decisions on cost of living increases and benefit schedules for your Social Security pension.

9. Vote to Improve the Safety of Your Neighborhood.

Elected officials and judges make day to day decisions on laws that will affect your community, law enforcement, crime prevention, traffic patterns, and where to build schools, parks, and recreational places.

10. Vote to Improve Your Highways.

The people you elect like commissioners, legislators, governor, and members of Congress take an active role deciding what highways are needed, what public transit to support and how the bill will be paid.

In Maricopa County, sign in to your dashboard to find your voter registration and personalized election information. From what’s on your ballot to details about upcoming elections, everything you need to #BeBallotReady can be found here.

Additional information can be found from our partners at Common Sense Media in their Young Voters Guide found here and another great resource that explains the propositions and candidate’s stances is Ballotpedia. Check them out and remember to VOTE!!!!

Please remember: We are Pendergast...the district that believes in YOU!

Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux
Proud Pendergast Superintendent

About Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux

Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux was born in New York, N.Y. where she attended elementary school and two years of high school. Her family then moved to Isabela, Puerto Rico where she completed high school and college.

Lily's educational preparation includes degrees in Elementary Education (BA), Educational Leadership and Supervision (MA and PHD), all from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico. Her experiences are varied and include serving as a teacher, elementary school principal, middle school dean of students, assistant superintendent, adjunct university professor, English as a Second Language Instructor, director of religious education at a military base, business owner, and community volunteer. Lily owned a technology company for six years before returning to her true love; education.

Dr. DeBlieux was appointed as the first bi-lingual, Latina Superintendent of the Pendergast Elementary School District in May 2014. She feels privileged to work in an environment with dedicated individuals and a Governing Board that supports "empowering excellence and success."

In her spare time, Lily loves to spend time with family, read, travel, and serve her community. She is active in many community organizations including The Hispanic Leadership Institute, Glendale West Rotary, Leadership West Class XXII, City of Phoenix Youth and Education Commission, Glendale Chamber of Commerce and others. Lily is sought after as a motivational speaker and, in 2015, she founded the organization Si no yo, quién? LLC to provide training to empower women to reach new heights in their personal and professional lives.