Villa De Paz 7th/8th Grade Civic’s Teacher

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Classroom discipline

It is with pleasure that I welcome your child to my class.  This is my sixth year teaching at Villa De Paz.  I am looking forward to this year with great anticipation.  My experiences in the classroom have confirmed the validity of the teaching staff's goal of providing a safe, secure, and happy setting for learning to take place.


Discipline, to be effective, does not occur in an ethical vacuum.  With this understanding in mind, my intent is to form links between my Classroom Discipline Plan and the ethical values of Fairness, Duty, Sympathy, and Self-Control.  The goal is for individual students to bond with a family like commitment to each other.


To provide your child a positive learning environment I will use a system of positive recognition for outstanding behavior, and negative consequences for students who choose to ignore classroom rules.  Each child's individual needs will temper all discipline.  I commit myself to the belief that for any discipline plan to be effective, the positive recognition and negative consequences used, must promote the development of the higher social skills of self-discipline and self-satisfaction.


The following Classroom Discipline Plan will be in effect always, assuring your child the maximum opportunity to learn.



Villa De Paz School Rules


Villa De Paz students will…


Keep hands, feet, body and objects to themselves.

Move safely around campus.

Follow directions from all staff members.

Respect the school environment and every individual.


Kids At Hope


All children are capable of success,



I have already discussed this plan with your child, but would appreciate it if you would review it with him or her.  It is my intention that we work together with regards to your child's education.  I will honor this commitment by working to keep you informed about your child's progress in my class.




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