The mission of the Pendergast Exceptional Student Services Department is providing access to all educational needs by embracing dignity, equity and opportunities for all.


  1. Early Childhood Programming
  2. Special Education Coaches
  3. Assistive Technology Coordinators
  4. Specialized Professional Development for Special Education Teachers
  5. Compliant audits from the AZ Department of Education and Medicaid


The Special Education Department is responsible for the identification and placement of all students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment with the provision of specialized instruction.   Student supports that are overseen by the Special Education Department are: Section 504, nursing, homebound services, voucher placements, preschool (developmental), assistive technology, school psychology services, related services, Medicaid billing, program implementation and monitoring, the provision of FAPE to all special education students and adherence to IDEA.

Gwendolyn Parker, Director of Exceptional Student Services
Phone: (623) 772-2332
Email: gparker@pesd92.org

Rae James, Assistant Director of Early Childhood and Exceptional Student Services
Phone: (623) 772-2360
Email: rjames@pesd92.org

Allison Loyd, Exceptional Student Services Compliance and Professional Development Coordinator
Phone: (623) 772-2334
Email: aloyd@pesd92.org

Amy Najar, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (623) 772-2326
Email: anajar@pesd92.org

Olga Sanchez, Medicaid Secretary
Phone: (623) 772-2378
Email: osanchez@pesd92.org

Claudia Vega, Office Technician/Records
Phone: (623) 772-2338
Fax: (623) 877-1028
Email: cvega@pesd92.org