Empower Pendergast to Learn, Lead and Create with Technology


  1. A State of the Art Network System that provides a solid and stable system for the education of students and for staff to educate and communicate.
  2. The students - Ultimately it is all about the kids, we provide a service that greatly contributes to student success.
  3. Quality - Providing quality service and workmanship to the staff and students to contribute to the District’s success.
  4. Dependable - we are always there when needed, for all events and we are a small department that multi-tasks well and utilizes our available resources to the maximum level.
  5. Stability - we have set up and provide a very stable network environment and network outages are a rare thing.


  • All Computer Technology in the District
  • All Software used in the district (configure and maintain)
    • District software
    • Educational software
    • District Office Special Systems software
    • Manage content filtering
    • Manage network security and firewalls
    • Manage the phone system software
    • Manage the various databases for Food Services, and Transportation, Card Access for DSX systems
  • All Hardware used in the district (configure and maintain)
    • District Servers
    • District Desktops and Laptops
    • Mobile devices (iPads, iPhones)
    • District Wireless - Wide Area Network and Local Area Network
    • Manage switches and routers for the WAN/LAN systems
    • Various peripherals (printers, copiers/scanners, phones, switches, smart boards, projectors, etc)
    • Support Point of Sales systems for Food Services
    • Manage Security and Card Access systems
    • Manage all camera security systems
  • Management and Maintenance of all ID Databases User Accounts:  (Windows Active Directory, Gmail, iVisions, My Big Campus, Synergy, Security Card Access, Galileo, School Dude)
  • Audio/Visual support for the district and events
  • Help Desk support
  • Pendergast Learning Center use and setup of meetings and events

Phone: (623) 772-2240

Ezra Williams, Director of I.T.

Abijah Sheeks, Network Architect

Jaime Cruz, Network Engineer

Peter Collingwood, Network Specialist

Aldo Perez, Network Specialist

Scott Venard, Network Specialist

Alicia Mariona, Secretary