• Arizona Tax Credit Program in Pendergast

    It's never too early to start thinking about your Arizona School Tax Credit contribution. You can make contributions anytime! Please join us in believing in our 8,000 students and reducing your tax bill by giving to the tax credit program in the Pendergast District.

  • Programa de Crédito de Impuestos de Arizona en Pendergast

    No es demasiado tarde para comenzar a pensar sobre su contribución de Crédito de Impuestos a una escuela de Arizona. ¡Usted puede hacer contribuciones en cualquier momento! Por favor acompáñenos a creer en nuestros 8,000 estudiantes y reduzca sus impuestos haciendo una contribución al programa de crédito de impuestos en el Distrito Pendergast. 

    Please join us in believing in our 9,000 students and reducing your tax bill by giving to the tax credit program in the Pendergast District. You can help us raise much needed funds for extracurricular programs for students. No administrative costs are involved, just money straight into the hands of schools for programs for students! 

    The Arizona Legislative House Bill 2074 was enacted in 1998, enabling taxpayers to designate up to $400 (for a married couple filing taxes jointly) or up to $200 (for single filers) on their State income taxes by contributing to Arizona school extracurricular activity programs. The tax credit program gives a dollar-for-dollar reduction in state income taxes. This law allows you, the taxpayer, the opportunity to donate your tax dollars to directly benefit schools and students in the Pendergast Elementary School District. The best part is…you do not need to have a child in school to participate. We welcome friends, relatives, anyone who believes in our students.  If a specific program is not designated by the contributor, the school will choose a program based on greatest need.

    According to the law, this money must be designated for extracurricular activities that supplement the educational program. For our students who often come from homes with limited income and who participate in the free and reduced lunch program, the tax credit program provides them with meaningful activities and programs that include:

  • What is the Difference Between a Tax Credit and a Tax Deduction?

    Tax Credit

    Tax credits are actual deductions from the tax due. Arizona offers a program of up to $200 per person, and $400 per couple, in tax credits for charitable donations. If you file an Arizona State Income tax return, you will get to take up to that amount of money directly off your taxes. The State of Arizona reimburses you for your donation directly, giving you a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your tax liability.

    Tax Deduction

    Tax deductions are deductions from your adjusted gross income. Tax deductions lower your taxable income while the former lower the actual tax. Deductions lower your taxable income by the percentage of your highest federal income tax bracket.

    Research tells us extracurricular programs provide positive learning experiences for children and your tax credits make that possible. It is easy to give and doesn’t cost anything. For staff members, we offer a payroll deduction, so it is simple to give. Contact the Payroll Department at 623-772-2226. You will be issued a receipt to send in with your taxes. For further information visit the Arizona Department of Revenue Guidelines.

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