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Pendergast 8th Grade Superintendent Student Council

Founded in 2014, the Pendergast 8th Grade Superintendent Student Council builds strong connections to schools and the District. Student members strive to be influential leaders and play an integral role in spreading positive messages about PESD. The goal of the council is to prepare for the future and learn about opportunities available beyond high school. The students also gain leadership, presentation, and teamwork skills.

Pendergast District Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Cruz, has continued with the philosophy of being a believer, embracing the 8th Grade Superintendent Student Council. With the ideals of modeling, mentoring, and mindfulness, the selected students represent each of the twelve schools in the Pendergast District and are trained as leaders and student Governing Board members. Council members take an active role in fundraising, volunteering, decision-making, and building goals for post-high school experiences. Council members are given a variety of experiences and options, including visiting college and university campuses.

Critical to the success of the 8th Grade Superintendent Student Council is the involvement and full support of the governing board and administration mentoring the students to take on leadership roles in their schools, district, and communities. One Pendergast Board member is involved as a sponsor and attends all events to help give a perspective as a board member and education advocate. Other board members serve as guest speakers and supporters of events. District administration is involved in the council to help the students meet goals and objectives. Collaboration among the board and administration is critical for the students to see first-hand, so as a team, everyone is committed to ensuring the students in the SSC have a meaningful and enriching experience. Every effort is made to give the students empowerment to help lead their schools and become active in their communities, as everyone works together to live the district's mission of being a high-performing, collaborative community preparing students to compete in a globally connected society.

The 8th Grade Superintendent Student Council does a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to support college visits and leadership conferences/activities. The Council is self-sustaining and follows all District Student Activities funding rules. The group is fortunate to get donations through tax credit programs and community partners gift and donation contributions.