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Desert Horizon Elementary School

The Desert Horizon Construction Project Has Begun!

The Next Gen renovation of Desert Horizon Elementary School represents a groundbreaking transformation for the Pendergast Elementary School District. This multi-phased campus replacement is designed to challenge and elevate the current standards of education, setting the stage for 21st-century learning. The project is dedicated to creating a flexible, resilient, inclusive, and nurturing environment that is both safe and future-ready.

At its core, this renovation is learner-centric, honoring the school's cultural legacy while enhancing connectivity and celebrating the diversity of the community. Through this visionary project, Desert Horizon is poised to become a beacon of modern education.

DH New Building Design

Desert Horizon Building Schematic by Orcutt | Winslow 

Desert Horizon New Building 7-15-2024

Desert Horizon Building Construction - Front (7-15-2024)

DH New Building 7-2-2024

 Desert Horizon Building Construction - Front (7-2-2024)

DH New Building 7-2-2024

Desert Horizon Building Construction - Back (7-2-2024)


DH Playground Improvements

Desert Horizon Playground Improvements

DH Solar Project 7-2-2024

Desert Horizon Solar Panel Installation