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Educational Services

Need help?

For questions, please contact Laura Valle, Executive Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer, at 623-772-2291.

Dr. Shelmon Brown, Chief Academic Officer

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Laura Valle, Executive Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer
Phone: 623-772-2291

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Amy Christopher, Director of School Improvement and Program Development
Phone: 623-772-2294

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Gwendolyn Parker, Director of Special Education
Phone: 623-772-2332

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Andrew Wallen, Director of Assessment and Program Development
Phone: 623-772-2295

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Sara Pearson, Assistant Director of Innovative & Experimental Learning
Phone: 623-772-2311

Dr. Abigail Flister, Professional Development Coordinator
Phone: 623-772-2298

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Kelsie Pennington, Coordinator for English Language Arts and Social Studies
Phone: 623-772-2297

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Julia Soto, Coordinator for Language Acquisition
Phone: 623-772-2312

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Doug Skarlupka, Middle School Teacher Mentor
Phone: 623-772-2397

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Areas of Responsibility

Educational Services is responsible for curriculum and instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Technology. In addition, the team is responsible for students who are acquiring English as a second language, STEAM and technology innovation, athletic and after-school programs, district-wide educational events, new teacher orientation, and professional learning.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Increased understanding of deeper learning
  2. School leaders will support staff in utilizing culturally responsive instructional strategies.
  3. K-8 teachers will increase collaborative learning opportunities for students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a holistic educational experience in and out of the classroom that is both equitable and innovative for every learner, to ensure academic outcomes that prepare students to be global leaders in their chosen post-secondary endeavors.

Points of Pride

  • We provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum for every child across all content areas.
  • We provide cutting-edge experiences through makerspaces, FUSE labs, and our academies to provide real-life, hands-on exploratory learning experiences.
  • We provide a comprehensive after-school athletic program at every school that includes Special Olympics, eSports, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, track and field, and flag football. In addition, individual schools offer clubs that are catered to students' interests, such as robotics, yearbook, Ballet Folklorico, and mariachi programs.