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Beeliever Induction Program

Empowering Excellent and Successful Educators

The Pendergast Elementary School District Induction Program's mission is to provide a foundation of support and continuing education for teachers new to the teaching profession and the district in growing their professional practices, participating in the district's learning community, and facilitating students' life-long achievement and 21st century skills.

Is there a mentor at my school site?

Yes! The district's BEElieve Mentor Team is represented at every school site.

How do I find a mentor?

Talk with your administrators. They can guide you to your mentor, help you find a mentoring meeting, and provide connections to other new teachers on your site.

Is this a required program?

It is not required, the BEElieve program is designed to be a support! Whether you are a new teacher or an experienced teacher who is new to the Pendergast District, we are so glad you are here! We want you to feel welcome and connected in addition to providing you with tools to help you grow on your professional path.