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Food Services

Chartwells K12

The Pendergast Food Services Department is managed by Chartwells. Chartwells is responsible for providing nutritious, balanced meals. They pride themselves on meeting and exceeding USDA regulations for meal patterns for breakfast and lunch.

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Phone: 623-772-2270 | Fax: 623-772-8072 | Catering: 623-772-2277

Free Breakfast Available to All PESD Students

At Pendergast, all of our students have access to a complete breakfast in the classroom, at no cost whatsoever. Our Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program is provided and implemented at all 12 schools. Students have the option to grab a free breakfast as they enter their classroom, always having the options of fruit, juice, milk and a breakfast entree. Check out our breakfast menu at NutriSlice.

We also offer free or reduced meal benefits. Please click on the Meal Benefits Application link below to learn more.

Meal Benefits Application (Apply to qualify for meals at a reduced price or no charge)

Jamie Triolo, Director of Food Services
Phone: 623-772-2272

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Chef Samantha Craft, Catering
Phone: 623-772-2277

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Doug Harris, Chef to School Event Coordinator
Phone: 623-772-2277

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James Williams, Warehouse
Phone: 623-772-2268

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Areas of Responsibility

School breakfast, school lunch, after-school snacks, Charlies' Cafe and catering, enrichment of nutritional education.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Increase student satisfaction and participation by involving them in healthy and desirable menu choices. This will include the expansion of menu-based student and stakeholder meetings to gather data via student choice surveys.
  2. Increase the number of menu items offered each day, and use the salad bar to offer items that enhance the meal, in addition to more fresh fruit and vegetable offerings.
  3. Upgrades to equipment that allow for better cooking techniques. Increase the quality of the finished product.

Our Mission

To provide healthy, nutritious meals for the students and staff of the Pendergast Elementary School District, a high-performing, collaborative community preparing students to compete in a globally connected society.

Points of Pride

  • We strive to provide the students with culinary-related project-based learning through multiple avenues. This includes Student Chef Cook Off events, Discovery Kitchen classroom activities, or one of the broader collaborations with the STEAM Academies. The events are fun and educational. We expose students to new and different foods, a unique way of looking at food, an experience that they seem to enjoy and remember. Culinary arts are not just creative, it also takes chemistry, measurements, fractions, and the use of basic math.
  • Food is a big part of everyone's well -being, and students need a place to eat where they can connect with others , recharge, and enjoy a sense of happiness in their school. That's why we serve food kids love to eat and create programs that encourage fun and discovery.
  •  Most importantly, we believe that happy cafeterias begin with our people. We empower them to go above and beyond to bring their personal excitement for an even more creativity and joyful mealtime. Our goal every day is to ensure that students leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than when they came in. 


Pendergast Food Services, managed by Chartwells, is responsible for providing nutritious, balanced meals. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding USDA regulations for meal patterns for breakfast and lunch. 

Meal Payments

To add money to your student's meal account or inquire about their meal activity, please click on the following link: My School Bucks

Charlies' Cafe

Come join us for breakfast and lunch!

From breakfast sandwiches, muffins and yogurt to cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, roasted meats, pizza, soups, salads made fresh daily and desserts, we offer a wide variety of choices for both breakfast and lunch.

Hours: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Catering Services

We can create a menu for your special event that is as big as your imagination. Whether you are looking for a simple buffet with chicken and vegetables, snack trays, or an elegant sit-down surf and turf dinner with beef tenderloin and lobster tail, we can prepare it. We can create any menu for any imagination and budget but, no matter what you choose, we can guarantee your menu will fit you and your guests perfectly. If you would like a specialized menu, just ask and we would be glad to help you.

Catering & Delivery Menu

For more information, please contact us at 623-772-2269 |