• Volunteering

  • Make a Difference in the Pendergast Elementary School District

    We truly appreciate the volunteers that serve in a variety of capacities throughout the Pendergast Elementary School District. Whether in offices, classrooms, playgrounds or on field trips, volunteers enrich the educational experience for our students. Although working with students is a great responsibility, it is also highly rewarding. If you have questions, please call 623-772-2235.  

    Alone we can do so little: Together we can do so much. Helen Keller

    Classroom Instructional Volunteer

    For those who enjoy working directly with individual or small groups of students, volunteers are needed to listen to students read, reinforce basic math, or assist students with written assignments.

    Classroom Assistance Volunteer

    Classroom volunteers perform tasks such as putting up bulletin boards, correcting papers, preparing materials, photocopying, and other jobs to provide the teacher with more time for planning and teaching students.

    Library or Media Center Volunteer

    Assistance to the media center specialist can be provided by repairing and shelving books, completing clerical tasks or preparing bulletin boards and displays. Volunteers may also choose to work directly with students, helping them to locate and use library materials.

    Other Assignments

    Volunteers also assist with after-school clubs, act as coaching assistants, and help with other programming.  Volunteers can also chaperone field trips, or even serve as guest speakers. (If you are volunteering for an overnight field trip, please remember it can take up to six weeks to get fingerprint clearance.)

    Volunteer Guide: English | Español