Purchasing / Warehouse

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    Need Help?

    Richard Helm, Director of Purchasing & Warehouse
    Phone: 623-772-2218
    Email: rhelm@pesd92.org

    Ignacio Acosta, Property Control Clerk
    Phone: 623-772-2389
    Email: iacosta@pesd92.org 

    Louie Morales, Warehouse Lead
    Phone: 623-772-2385
    Email: lmorales@pesd92.org

    Rony Rubio, Warehouse / Delivery
    Phone: 623-772-2385
    Email: rrubio@pesd92.org  

    Mark Bartlett, Warehouse / Delivery
    Phone: 623-772-2385
    Email: mbartlett@pesd92.org 

    Area of Responsibility

    Procurement of all goods and services, including the warehousing of supplies and inventory, receiving shipments, and delivering both to end users.

    Strategic Plan Goals

    1. Improve communication and customer service through training opportunities with our end users.
    2. Provide on-time deliveries of warehouse orders within (7) days or less.
    3. Process requisitions within a (2) day period of them being submitted to the Purchasing queue.

    Our Mission

    Ensuring Compliance and Customer Service in support of the District's needs.

    Point of Pride

    • A cohesive department that supports the instruction of our students and the work of our staff.