• Helpdesk
    Phone: 623-772-2240
    Email: helpdesk@pesd92.org 

    Ezra Williams, Director of Technology
    Email: ewilliams@pesd92.org 

    Abijah Sheeks, Network Architect
    Email: asheeks@pesd92.org 

    Jaime Cruz, Network Engineer
    Email: jcruz@pesd92.org 

    Peter Collingwood, Network Specialist
    Email: pcollingwood@pesd92.org 

    Aldo Perez, Network Specialist
    Email: aperez@pesd92.org    

    Scott Venard, Network Specialist
    Email: svenard@pesd92.org 

    Tyler Tallant, Network Specialist
    Email: ttallant@pesd92.org 

    Alicia Mariona, Secretary
    Email: amariona@pesd92.org 

    Our Mission

    Empower Pendergast to Learn, Lead and Create with Technology

    Points of Pride

    1. A State of the Art Network System that provides a solid and stable system for the education of students and for staff to educate and communicate.
    2. We provide a service that greatly contributes to student success.
    3. Providing quality service and workmanship for the staff and students to contribute to the District’s success.


    • All Computer Technology in the District 
    • All Software used in the district (configure and maintain)
    • Management and Maintenance of all ID Databases User Accounts
    • Audio/Visual support for the district and events
    • Help Desk support