• Federal Programs and Grants

    Amy Christopher, Director of School Improvement and Program Development
    Phone: 623-772-2294
    Email: achristopher@pesd92.org 

    Rachel Watson, Federal Programs & Grants Specialist
    Phone: 623-772-2293 
    Email: rwatson@pesd92.org 

    McKinney-Vento Homeless/Foster Student Services

    Johnny Martinez, Community Outreach and Homeless Liaison
    Phone: 623-772-2392
    Email: jmartinez@pesd92.org 

    English Language Learner Program

    Julia Soto, Coordinator for Language Acquisition  
    Phone: 623-772-2312
    Email: jsoto@pesd92.org 

    Angelica Martinez, Title III Community Outreach Liaison 
    Phone: 623-772-2312
    Email: amartinez@pesd92.org 

    Family Resource Center

    Betsy Musson, Family Resource Center Coordinator
    Phone: 623-772-2339
    Email: bmusson@pesd92.org 

    Community Education

    Martha Rodriquez, Community Education Department Secretary
    Phone: 623-772-2319 
    Email: marodriquez@pesd92.org

    Claudia Oliveros Sosa, PRIDE Club - Before and After School Program Lead
    Phone: 623-772-2323 
    Email: coliverossosa@pesd92.org 

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide educational and supplemental resources, services and programs to ensure positive outcomes for all students, including underserved young people, and to develop a continuum of support for children and adults within the Pendergast community.

    Points of Pride

    1. Timely and accurate grant reporting and compliance monitoring of federal programs.
    2. The Pendergast Family Resource Center provides a high-quality outreach program with a focus on families with children from birth to age five.
    3. The Pendergast P.R.I.D.E. Club provides an affordable, quality before and afterschool program for our children.
    4. Timely and targeted support for site Title I interventionists and teachers of English Language Learners to increase student achievement.


    The School Improvement and Program Development office includes family resources, services and programs in the following areas: Federal Programs and Grants (including Title programs), English Language Learners (ELL), Families in Transition (Homeless/Foster), Migrant Education, and Community Education.