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PESD Representatives Honored with Excellence in Equity Awards

November 28, 2022 –Phoenix, Arizona – The American Consortium for Equity in Education selected Senator Martín Quezada, Pendergast District Governing Board Member and Dr. Ovett Chapman Jr., Pendergast District Lead Psychologist, as Champions of Equity.

The Excellence in Equity Awards are designed to recognize companies, leaders, authors, and educators whose tremendous efforts are helping schools achieve equity everywhere. 

Pendergast Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Cruz shares, “Senator Quezada has been an exceptional and active leader in the Pendergast community. He has played a significant role in the district’s efforts to provide equitable educational opportunities to all students in the Pendergast District. Dr. Chapman’s past experience and extensive research on ethnic identity development in foster care youth has helped the district  improve practices and opportunities for young students. For many years, both individuals have focused on student success, always looking for ways to engage students in higher levels of thinking and learning. We are so fortunate to have Senator Quezada and Dr. Chapman Jr. as part of the Pendergast Team and we thank them for their service. 

Senator Martín Quezada and Dr. Ovett Chapman Jr. go above and beyond to help the Pendergast schools achieve equity each and every day. Their devotion to providing ideal and exemplary care for all children has earned them the trust of their peers, students, staff, and community. The Pendergast District celebrates their achievement and proudly recognizes their Champions of Equity!

Ramiro Alvarez