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PESD Board Member Receives All-Arizona School Board Member Award

December 17, 2021 –Phoenix, Arizona – Susan Serin, Pendergast Governing Board Member, was awarded the All-Arizona School Board Member Award from the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA). Ms. Serin was one of five Arizona school board members to be recognized with the All-Arizona School Board Member Award, which is ASBA’s highest individual board member honor. 

This award is presented to individuals who exemplify best practices in boardsmanship, understand their roles and follow through on their responsibilities. Furthermore, the honor is awarded for proven records of active service on the governing board, leadership at local, state and federal levels, contributions to ASBA and/or NSBA, demonstrated concern for the district’s children, rapport with fellow board members, commitment to boardsmanship training, and support of ASBA and its activities.

Pendergast Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Cruz shares, “Ms. Serin has dedicated her time and efforts to providing excellence and meeting the needs of the Pendergast community. Her transparency and willingness to serve others has allowed her to become a well-respected leader who leads with empathy, integrity, and honesty. She has displayed a relentless pursuit of excellence in education and I am so glad she is being commended for her service.” 

Through the years of serving on the Pendergast School District Governing Board, Ms. Serin has remained dedicated to advocating for the people of the community and helping students achieve and reach success. She is a remarkable ambassador and a strong advocate for the Pendergast Elementary School District. Through her thirty-five years of service, she has ensured every deliberation, decision, and action reflects the best interests of the students that she serves. Although Ms. Serin is proud of her recognition, her greatest pride is serving the Pendergast community. 

Ramiro Alvarez